Welcome to my Street Team! I am so happy to have you join me, and I appreciate your help.

Please email me with your home mailing address (not a PO Box) so that I can send you promotional material as I receive it. All information--email, address, etc.--will be kept private. If you ever want to opt out of my Street Team, just email me to let me know. Please also include your FB name, Twitter handle (if you have one), Pinterest name (if you have one), Netgalley (if you're on it) for me.

If you belong to a book club, blogging group or would be willing to pass out press releases to your local libraries and bookstores, please let me know (this is requested, but not required).

Expectations: I would like you to post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) once a week. Your weekly mission will be posted to the top of our group wall on Facebook every Sunday. This is what I'm asking you to do. You can post right away or during the week. As long as it's done by Saturday afternoon, I am fine with your choosing when to carry out the mission. On occasion, I may ask you to share additional items--contests, interviews, etc. Your sharing these "extras" is appreciated, but not required. Anytime you share any mission or extra item, please comment with "done" or shared, so I can keep track and can add you to my monthly Street Team Draw for prizes. This is the monthly event you will see under the Events Tab in our Facebook Group.

Events: I will post events in the Facebook group. Again, I am requesting you to share them or participate in them, but I am not requiring you to do so. Your participation in these events will earn you extra prizes in a separate pool.

Reviews: If you receive a copy of any of my books, you MUST read the book and post a review on Amazon and Goodreads. This is a publisher requirement.

Pimping: You may notice people posting links to where the Jewels "pimped" me or the Team on other Facebook pages. This is greatly appreciated, but is above and beyond what I am asking you to do and is therefore not required. It is extremely helpful though, as it gets the word out about me and about you to other people. Liking their posts is easy and can sometimes earn you prizes from pages who host those comments.

Twitter: Not a requirement, but it helps. There is a file/doc in the Facebook group under the Files tab, which has the link to our list. If you have Twitter, you should follow everyone on the list. There are hashtags to use which make it easier too. Please remember that Twitter is only as good as your followers. You should have a profile picture (any picture will do). Most people will not follow someone without one. You should also try to get more followers by searching #readers, #romance, #book and #blogger. Follow back people who follow you. Thank them for the RT once in a while--people like that.

Pinterest: Also not a requirement, but it helps. If you have a Pinterest account, please set up a Jennifer's Jewels board. Re-pin from my Jewels or book boards. It takes a few seconds, but helps to get the word out. There is a file/doc in the Facebook Group under the Files tab of all the Jewels on Pinterest. You can follow their boards to see when new pictures go up.

Swag/Prizes: At a minimum, I will award the monthly draw for missions. I may award prizes for other events as well. When you first join, I'll typically send you a piece of swag. Please remember that swag is expensive and that only active Jewels will be entered into the pool and receive free books if my publisher allows.

Benefits: Every day, I post something cute or fun or funny on our Facebook Group. Excerpts, answered questions, secrets, quotes, etc. This is just for fun and just for you. It helps us to get to know each other better and to have a good time. I would love our Team to be a great community of support and for us to enjoy each other.

New Releases: Around the time of a new release, or when pre-orders are available, I may ask you to post more often. Again, the minimum is once a week, but the extra posts will help boost sales. Pre orders go through the day a book releases, so all sales show up that day. This is how authors get on the bestseller lists. Pre-orders are huge! And every little bit you do helps with sales. Also, if sales aren't hight enough, authors can lose contracts or have a difficult time getting future contracts. If not for your help, I would be lost among the millions of other titles. I really appreciate your helping out when you post extra.

How-To: If anyone needs any help with anything I've listed above, please don't hesitate to ask me. You are doing me a huge favor by helping me; I'm more than happy to help you out as well.

Housecleaning: What you post is a reflection of me. Please keep it clean and respectful. Please keep your reviews 100% honest and don't give me a review if you haven't read my book. Thank you!

Again, welcome!

Jennifer Wilck

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